Mobile UX at its best: Why I love Flipboard

If you don’t already have it on your smart device, I encourage you to download this great news+social media app!

The UX:

Flipboard makes browsing content FUN and MEMORABLE.

An up-down swiping gesture that is so simple and intuitive is the essential interaction required to enjoy this app. While Flipboard doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking in terms of content and personal integration, it’s the way that the app presents itself to the user that makes Flipboard so much fun.

The THUMB is the part of the body that so easily affords interaction with a mobile device and Flipboard keeps the entire UX very thumb-centric. The exploratory value in the app is just as fun as navigating through your content; expanding an article you’re curious about and then scrolling through that and then finally returning to the main menu remains smooth and intuitive.

Norman-Maslow and the Pleasure Principle:

Sometimes people get good UX confused with developing a UI that is super simplistic and gets rid of all redundant features, in an effort to foster good usability. Of course this isn’t the case, …

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Meanwhile in gaming: Bad UI and Last-Gen Interaction

Okay, so I finally gave in and bought Need for Speed: Rivals, a game I was highly anticipating after last year’s great Most Wanted and its predecessor The Run (which was completely underrated in my opinion). I was going to wait until next year and get a next-gen machine before making the investment…but oh well, my Xbox 360 can give me what I’m essentially looking for.

My question to the developers of this game is: Why did you strip down the navigation/wayfinding?

The mini map is a horrible excuse for a proper navigation element in a game that is all about adrenaline-pumping speed and cataclysmic crashes that can sabotage any advantage you may have had during a race. Looking away from your vehicle and the route you’re on and towards the mini map tucked away into the bottom-left corner for even a second is enough to find yourself destroyed. What kills me even more is the unpredictable and low-to-the-ground checkpoint indicators…seriously, as if finding your way during a race wasn’t already hard enough. So many times I’ve driven completely off-course …

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UX/UI Review: My thoughts on iOS 7

Preface: I realize this post is somewhat late in its arrival, especially due to the fact that iOS 7 has been thoroughly dissected by everyone and their mothers at this point. Regardless, I write this post in a cathartic effort to rid myself of frustrations I’ve genuinely had with the latest of Apple’s big redesigns, and not simply to jump on a bandwagon.

I really do love the design direction with iOS 7. It’s relevant and allows Apple to remain competitive.

Thank god someone at Apple pushed this through–the pre-iOS 7 iPhone UI was becoming too boring and, overtime, dampened the excitement of having an iPhone. I assumed that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 lit a fire under Apple and pushed designers to make the iPhone feel competitive and have the same allure that newer phones now use to their advantage. Can we call it insecurity? Whatever it was, it was definitely needed. Every brand should innovate at least ONCE every year or two. This is how you stay competitive. You can …

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