eHive + CFC = eMapping

The CFC Prototyping Intensive, as part of the CFC Media Lab, is a unique yet relevant asset to the Digital Futures program at OCAD University and as such it was the source of great learning during the first half of my summer. A project that myself and two of my peers, Cathy Chen and Maayan Cohen, had developed was to be taken into the CFC Intensive and developed further based on principles of Usability Testing and Iterative Design. I very much enjoyed the weekly challenge of designing iteratively based on feedback from a diverse group of knowledgable mentors.

The eHive project was taken to the next level and refined in an effort to develop a more practical application. eMapping was the result of the journey.

eMapping: An app that can be used by a group of people, in real-time, to anonymously contribute to the emotional temperature of the collective–the overall mood as well as the moods of individuals are visible upon one’s own contribution.

Download the App:

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Digital Futures Exhibit

On the evening of May 29th, the DIGF class hosted a showcase of various projects that were created by students over the course of the first year. The exhibit was also a chance for the new incoming cohort to mingle with current students and faculty. Speeches were given, food and drinks were had, and perhaps most importantly, a good time was enjoyed all around. It was a great way to wrap up an intense first year with faces both familiar and unfamiliar.

Me playing the digital game “Rescue Tom” by Shuting Chang and Linh Do:

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Canada 3.0

Thanks to Emma and coordinators of the event, I had the opportunity to showcase my final Digital Games project at the Canada 3.0 Conference in Stratford, Ontario. The conference took place April 24 to 25 and I was part of a great team that was put together to represent OCAD University. Myself, Heather Phenix (fellow student–part of the DIGF Diploma stream), Gale Allen (Graduate Studies Assistant), and Michael Page (Assistant Professor) enjoyed an interactive and exciting experience in Stratford. I was happy to receive a lot of good press and supportive feedback in general regarding ORGONA.

To learn more about ORGONA, please visit the following link:

Canada 3.0 Media:

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