UX/UI Review: My thoughts on iOS 7

Preface: I realize this post is somewhat late in its arrival, especially due to the fact that iOS 7 has been thoroughly dissected by everyone and their mothers at this point. Regardless, I write this post in a cathartic effort to rid myself of frustrations I’ve genuinely had with the latest of Apple’s big redesigns, and not simply to jump on a bandwagon.

I really do love the design direction with iOS 7. It’s relevant and allows Apple to remain competitive.

Thank god someone at Apple pushed this through–the pre-iOS 7 iPhone UI was becoming too boring and, overtime, dampened the excitement of having an iPhone. I assumed that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 lit a fire under Apple and pushed designers to make the iPhone feel competitive and have the same allure that newer phones now use to their advantage. Can we call it insecurity? Whatever it was, it was definitely needed. Every brand should innovate at least ONCE every year or two. This is how you stay competitive. You can …

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