Meanwhile in gaming: Bad UI and Last-Gen Interaction

Okay, so I finally gave in and bought Need for Speed: Rivals, a game I was highly anticipating after last year’s great Most Wanted and its predecessor The Run (which was completely underrated in my opinion). I was going to wait until next year and get a next-gen machine before making the investment…but oh well, my Xbox 360 can give me what I’m essentially looking for.

My question to the developers of this game is: Why did you strip down the navigation/wayfinding?

The mini map is a horrible excuse for a proper navigation element in a game that is all about adrenaline-pumping speed and cataclysmic crashes that can sabotage any advantage you may have had during a race. Looking away from your vehicle and the route you’re on and towards the mini map tucked away into the bottom-left corner for even a second is enough to find yourself destroyed. What kills me even more is the unpredictable and low-to-the-ground checkpoint indicators…seriously, as if finding your way during a race wasn’t already hard enough. So many times I’ve driven completely off-course …

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