Philip Beesley

In addition to immersing myself in research and readings over the course of my independent study, I found it equally important to explore digital projects that blend art and technology. What I find fascinating about such projects is the dialog they afford–a quality I look to integrate in my final thesis MDes project.

I was led to Philip Beesley’s portfolio by Barbara Rauch, Principal Advisor for my thesis, as she found he would serve as an inspiration. Philip Beesley is an Architect and Professor with an extensive portfolio of industrial design, digital prototyping, and mechatronics engineering. He is interested in creating pieces that break traditional boundaries between art and technology and mimic lifelike processes in doing so. He uses nature, the hybridity of organic and inorganic materials, as well as emotional reaction in crafting his works–much of what appeals to the direction in which I would like to drive my interactive thesis project.

Philip Beesley:

Orgone Reef and Hylozoic Ground are two beautiful projects that have really fed my imagination. See pictures below.

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