Hi, I’m Harjot.

Welcome to the home of my academic/personal portfolio. The content on this website is a collection of past creative projects and blog posts that serve as a reflection of my academic and personal pursuits.

Outside academia, I ventured into the world of UX/CX and have since found my professional niche working in digital and advertising agencies.

My professional portfolio lives here: http://harjot.branded.me


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Curriculum Vitae


[2013] MDes Digital Futures @ OCAD University (Toronto, ON)

[2011] Honours BSc Psychology & CCIT @ University of Toronto (Mississauga, ON)


[2013] ICVR 2013: Presenter – Cognitive & Psychological Issues @ Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown (Philadelphia, PA)

[2013] GRAND 2013: HQP Exhibitor – VSS & INCLUDE @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Toronto, ON)

[2012+] Fellowship: Researcher w/Dr. Henry J. Moller (Neuropsychiatrist) @ Rosedale Wellness Centre (Toronto, ON)

[2012] Certification: TCPS 2 Research Ethics Tutorial (PRE – CORE)

[2012] DigiFest 2012: Exhibitor – Digital Futures Initiative (OCAD University) @ Corus Entertainment (Toronto, ON)

[2012+] GRAND NCE: HQP [Highly Qualified Personnel] GRAND NCE Research Community

[2012] CFC Media Lab Residency [Prototyping Intensive] @ CFC Media Lab & OCAD University (Toronto, ON)

[2012] GRAND 2012: Researcher INCLUDE – Mindfulness Technology @ La Centre Sheraton (Montreal, QC)

[2012] Canada 3.0 (CDMN): Exhibitor – Graduate Studies (OCAD University) @ Canada 3.0 (Stratford, ON)

[2011] Certification: Digital Communications @ University of Toronto & Sheridan Institute of Technology (Mississauga, ON)


[2013] MDes Thesis Responsive Aesthetics for Yogic Meditation: An Innovative Design Theory for Holistic Health that supports Autonomy and Effective Training w/Dr. Barbara Rauch (Primary Advisor) & Job Rutgers (Secondary Advisor) @ OCAD University (Toronto, ON)

[2013+] REB Approved Study Iterative Design for Interactive Multimodal Holistic Therapy w/Dr. Henry J. Moller (Co-Investigator) @ OCAD University & Rosedale Wellness Centre (Toronto, ON)

[2012+] Clinical Study Light and Sound Meditation–Technology-Enhanced Multimodal Meditation w/Dr. Henry J. Moller (Co-Investigator) @ Rosedale Wellness Centre (Toronto, ON)


[2013] Poster Over the Influence: Recommunicating FASD by Dr. Paula Gardner, Patricio Davila, Harjot Bal, Shuting Chang, Marjan Verstappen, Dora Poon, Tim Bettridge, Maggie Chan, and Lawrence Kwok (May 2013) GRAND 2013, Toronto, ON, Canada

[2013] Paper Technology-enhanced multimodal meditation to treat stress-related symptoms: Clinical results from an observational case series by Dr. Henry J. Moller and Harjot Bal (June 2013) ICVR (International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation) 2013, Philidelphia, PA, USA

[2013] Paper & Poster Limber: exploring motivation in a workplace exergame by Derek Neil, Samuel Perrault, Nathan Lapierre, Derek Reilly, David Parker, and Harjot Bal (2013) Proceedings of the 2013 conference on Computer supported cooperative work companion (CSCW ’13) ACM, New York, NY, USA, 239-242

[2012] Poster Building Trust and User Understanding through Metaphors by Guia Gali, Symon Oliver, Robert Tu, Reena Merchant, Harjot Bal, Steve Szigeti, Fanny Chevalier, and Sara Diamond (September 2012) European Science Foundation–Linkoping University

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