Blackboard UX/UI Redesign

Blackboard Academic Suite, the online service technology used by students at the University of Toronto (often referred to as Portal), is the central source of information when it comes a student’s academic career. Using one central applet to integrate all programs, applications and to combine all features of accessibility will increase Blackboard’s effectiveness and its value to students. Upon further exploration of Blackboard’s features and applications (after some thorough browsing) Blackboard appears to have a lot of unused or undiscovered features and most importantly, it has great capacity for a tighter and cleaner design which makes it much more user-friendly. Using the knowledge gained through articles such as “Designing for Clarity: Readability & Usability” (Krug, 2000) and “Document Design & Information Architecture” (Doak et. al, 1998) there is a great and almost subliminal or unconscious influence that really shapes the way users interact with software technology based on design principles. These principles include the basic shape and constitution of the interface through the implementation of colour, text organization, thematic structure, etc.

Video Demo Comparison by Harjot Bal

Blackboard UX/UI Redesign by Harjot Bal

Blackboard_Redesign_HarjotBal_Page_1 Blackboard_Redesign_HarjotBal_Page_3 Blackboard_Redesign_HarjotBal_Page_2 Blackboard_Redesign_HarjotBal_Page_4 Blackboard_Redesign_HarjotBal_Page_5

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