Centre for Innovation in Information Visualization and Data Driven Design (CIV-DDD)

Harjot Bal worked as a researcher under OCAD U President Sara Diamond and PhD Researcher Fanny Chevalier in collaboration with OCAD University, York University and, University of Toronto faculty, as well as diverse industrial partners, for a preeminent research hub for innovation and training in information and scientific visualization in Ontario.

CIV-DDD Logo Design by Harjot Bal



Innovative Approaches to Health Care – Mobile Tablet UI for Lins Hospital (Brazil) by Harjot Bal

These tablet interface layouts were developed to initiate a round of user testing at the Lins Hospital in Brazil by OCAD U Researchers who needed quick high fidelity mockups of a possible Android tablet-ready app for use in the hospital by medical staff. The overall aim was to help the hospital go digital and have a way of logging important patient information with ease and recover data that was, in many cases, hard to retrieve. Some desired features included meeting alerts for medical staff and the ability to record patient interaction.

InterfacesTranslated1 InterfacesTranslated2 InterfacesTranslated3 InterfacesTranslated4

Interfaces_Page_1 Interfaces_Page_2 Interfaces_Page_3 Interfaces_Page_4

Globe & Mail UX/UI Redesign for Representing Emotion by Harjot Bal

Under the TextViz project within CIV-DDD, several rounds of brainstorming were held to design novel ways of representing emotion in the news, specifically for lab partner Globe & Mail. Adding to an already existing interface was key, and so various time-based animation layouts were explored. Two such concepts include ‘Emotional Topography’ and ‘Emotional Cells’. In both cases, breaking news is filtered into a visualization which then assigns meaning through the reactions of the collective (online discussions–comments and replies).

EmoTopographyLegend EmoTopographyCells

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Shown below is a UX walkthrough of the ‘Emotional Cells’ visualization.

TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_01 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_02 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_03 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_04 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_05 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_06 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_07 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_08 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_09 TextViz_HarjotBal_Page_10

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