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charteMapping is a working prototype for an app, for computing devices and touchscreen, browser-enabled smart phones, that allows users in a common space to gauge the ‘emotional temperature’ in their immediate environment. This app can be accessed via QR code-scanning, computer download, or manual URL navigation. Users can use the eMap design to input their emotional state anonymously, a plot point which is then added to the eMap of the collective group. The final output eMap is displayed for all users to view, in order to get a sense of the collective’s inclinations in mood. The eMap is updated in real-time, giving users the ability to contribute and review immediately. The app aims to provide a novel way for individuals to ‘go deeper’ with others more efficiently and without long, intimidating conversation,¬†especially benefitting those who are¬†privately curious, introverted, shy, or have language and cultural barriers to communication.


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eMapping was developed exclusively by Harjot Bal as part of the CFC Media Lab Prototyping Intensive during OCAD University’s inaugural summer session of the Digital Futures Master’s program. The final design of this prototype was arrived at through both low and high fidelity development supplemented by rigorous usability testing and critique sessions.

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This prototype has since been employed in various settings and was showcased at DigiFest 2012 at Corus Entertainment in Toronto, Ontario.

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