Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 7.47.53 PMORGONA Prana is an engaging multimodal healing experience simulated by technology. The function of this experience is to reinforce healthy breathing technique, borrowed from yogic meditation, through physical and psychological conditioning. This is explored by using audiovisual cues that reference the holistic concept of chakras–a concept that brings the body into the healing experience through metaphor and analogy. The visual symbolic acts of healing and transendence through the subtle energy body are intended to positively impact the user–having effects that are both calming and empowering, ideally allowing for shifts in attitude regarding personal health. Notions of embodiment, as related to autonomy and sense of agency over one’s own wellbeing are emphasized by the design– superimposed healing led by the user’s control.kinect-pr-top-1

ORGONA Prana was part of a culminating thesis project for OCAD University’s Master’s in Digital Futures program undertaken by Harjot Bal. A digital version of the thesis, titled ‘Responsive Aesthetics for Yogic Meditation: An Innovative Design Theory for Holistic Health that supports Autonomy and Effective Training’, is provided here for download: HB_Thesis_2013.pdf

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Exhibition Setup (Installation Context)

ORGONA Prana: Early Build Prototype

Process Work



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