The Emotional Artifacts Experiment

Encoding & Decoding Emotion:
The creation and use of emotional artifacts to elicit empathy 

Harjot Bal, Cathy Chen and Maayan Cohen

Abstract: The exploration of empathy through interaction design is developing slowly through experimentation. Our efforts to learn how to design an appropriate platform that fosters empathy led us to conduct two experiments in order to gauge openness and flexibility required in a potential prototype design. We employed a very open experimentation setup where an important objective was to gain new insights and explore emerging patterns not yet present in existing research. The creation and use of physical artifacts as expressions of emotion allowed us to learn that people empathize best when they approach a physical manifestation of emotion i) as an object that needs balancing and congruent complementarity, and ii) through the use of symbolic representations of nature.

Note: This research was the link between project telEmpathy (before) and eHive (after), both of which can be viewed in the Portfolio section of this website.

Download FULL Paper here: Task3_Report.pdf

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