Visualizing Science for Stakeholders: ReFASD

ReFASD (acronym for ‘Over the Influence: Recommunicating FASD’) is a project within the VSS (Visualizing Science for Stakeholders) research initiative of the GRAND NCE network. I have produced the following works as a researcher for VSS at OCAD University’s Mobile Experience Lab under the supervision of Dr. Paula Gardner.

Working with large sets of intricate and comprehensive data, this research takes a highly interdisciplinary approach to dissecting the discourses that surround fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD). Novel correlations across data collected from stakeholder groups, derived using advanced visual analytics tools, help to better inform new strategies for communicating FASD. The interdisciplinary approach to this project grants the researchers with the ability to employ creative methods of study; the design of striking infographics and innovative simulation technologies will serve the production of provocative public performance in an effort to refresh the dialogue on FASD.

Poster Design by Harjot Bal


Visual Analytics (in Tableau) by Harjot Bal

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By using an advanced visual analytics software platform (Tableau) there is an ability to dig into rich data sets (REDCap data) in order to contribute to collaborative research efforts in FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders). Specifically, by exploring connections between the nature of personal/social relationships and psychometric test performance in affected individuals, this research joins in extending the dialog of FASD beyond medical parameters. The work in visualization starts at the level of hypothesis investigation—queries are posed against multiple aggregated datasheets with direction from scientist collaborators from Queen’s University (James Reynolds and Angelina Paolozza). Significant correlations novel to FASD research are the intended artifacts of the work, as these serve the production of striking and innovative infographics to be employed in the ‘recommunication’ of FASD, a larger effort that aims to generate value for the affected community and industry players.

Infographics by Harjot Bal

VSS_FASD_InfographicsDrafts VSS_FASD_InfographicsDrafts22


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